About Us

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We are all consumers; we spend our money every day on necessities, comforts or just frivolous items that make us happy. Every savvy shopper knows that you don't have to spend a fortune to put a smile on your face, to feel you have made the right choice.

At Transmod, we don’t just function as a company making sales; we are consumers first. The car industry once had a reputation for offering products at a price it could get away with. These days, we prefer to offer a service that advises people so they can make their own decision on what they need or want to buy.

In short, our team is made up of individuals with all relevant industry know-how, but we are people who care about other people. We don’t want rivals, we want to work with similar companies, to ensure customers get the best products, the best services, at the best prices. Our website is ever-expanding and evolving, and hopefully, viewed as accessible and friendly, which is a refreshing view of the industry at large.

We hope you visit us often to see our range grow and our services develop to meet the needs of vehicle owners everywhere. Call the team for product advice or to arrange a mobile or workshop-based fitter near you.