Thatcham Approved Slam Lock

  • Thatcham approved.
  • Additional security for the van's load and/or cab areas.
  • Manually operated to unlock and automatic lock once door closed.
  • Vehicle and door specific.
  • Multiple doors on your van can be keyed alike.

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£96.00 inc VAT

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We offer the Thatcham Approved additional security locks, as the quality standard is recognized by insurers and customers alike.

This is a mechanical device that will lock the vehicle door automatically as the door is shut. This is the preferred option for delivery drivers and those with high value loads.

The main benefit is that the door will be secure as soon as it is closed, without having to lock it with a key.

The downside is that it is possible to shut the door with the keys left inside.

If the door shuts behind you while you are in the vehicle, it is possible to release the handle down and get out. This ensures compliance with Health & Safety Regulations.

Remember - Prevention of a crime is a lot less hassle than reporting one and dealing with the paperwork that goes with it.